Margaret Brearley School Bubble to partially reopen on Monday 21st. Full reopening on 28th

18th Sep 2020

On Monday we are looking forward to welcoming back the majority of our children and staff from the MBS bubble - those who were not in contact with the member of the school who tested positive for Covid-19. 

The classes that were in the immediate bubble and the small number of other staff and pupils who were in contact will return on Monday 28th September – provided that none of them develops symptoms before then.  

The building itself has been both deep-cleaned and fully disinfected. 

None of the staff or children returning to school on Monday has been in contact with anyone who has reported Covid-19 symptoms and there is, therefore, no risk in them returning. 

The other bubbles – Peter Turner Primary, Niels Chapman Secondary, Early Years, and Rebecca Goodman Centre – have not been affected and remain fully open.

We’d like to thank everyone who coped so admirably during the last week.