Letter to Parents/Carers about return to school in January

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4th Jan 2021

Dear parents and carers

As you know, we are committed to providing high-quality education and support to all our pupils during the pandemic. We also appreciate all your support and work in partnership with us.

There has been a significant change over the course of the weekend to education guidance, especially for schools in Tier 4 working under the government contingency framework.

To make sure we can return all our pupils and staff safely to school, we will now plan a staggered return to school from Wednesday 6th January 2021 for our most vulnerable pupils and pupils with parents who are key workers. If you are a keyworker and would like your child to attend school please contact the family support team. We will contact you individually if we can offer your child a place as a vulnerable pupil.

Whitefield Schools: 07874 635725 or Whitefield Schools: 07874 635728Joseph Clarke School: 07871 778470

The expectation is that all other pupils will return to school on 18th January 2021. Until then, from Wednesday we will be providing support for children to learn from home. Your child’s teacher will be in contact on Wednesday.

This will also enable us to set up C19 testing arrangements for our staff.

To support planning for the staggered return, we will be using Tuesday 5th January 2021 as an additional Staff development day. We are sorry for further changes at such a short notice and we hope you understand the difficult circumstances.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact school.

Yours faithfully