Work for Us

Just as we seek to give our pupils an outstanding school experience, we want every member of our team to find being part of Whitefield Academy Trust a rewarding and enjoyable experience.  Whatever their role, we are committed to supporting each team member and giving them every opportunity to progress their careers within our Trust. 

As well as giving each member of the team the support and challenge they require, we take the health and wellbeing of those working here very seriously.  Again, just as we do for our pupils, we will always do whatever it takes to ensure our team members feel safe, secure and happy throughout their time with us.

This is a very exciting time to be joining Whitefield Academy Trust.  As a small group of schools, we have the opportunity to harness the expertise of specialists across our Trust in order to provide something very special for our pupils.  As such, there are many opportunities for teams to collaborate in order to develop their own pedagogy and deliver the very best education to our pupils.  From subject and curriculum planning groups to wellbeing initiatives and parent engagement activities, we seek to give everyone a chance to contribute to the success of our Trust and make a positive impact on our entire community.

To support this work, we are always looking for dynamic members to join our team.  Click here to see our current vacancies.

Why join our team?

Joining Whitefield Academy Trust is so much more than just a job; it is about being part of our vibrant, inclusive and inspirational community and benefiting from our:

  • Exceptional Continuous Professional Development programme enabling each team member to progress their career as they wish;
  • Strong focus on staff welfare and wellbeing;
  • Engagement forums which allow all team members the chance to be heard on all matters relating to the running of the Trust and our schools;
  • Excellent employment package e.g. interest free loans for bicycle purchases
  • Child care vouchers
  • Generous Local Government Pension Scheme
  • Teacher’s Pension
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Employee Assistance Programme

But most of all, being part of Whitefield Academy Trust offers the opportunity to open up the world for pupils with SEND and give them the education they deserve.  This is an incredibly rewarding place to work and each individual is valued and appreciated by senior leaders, families and, most importantly, our pupils.

Investing in our Teams

We value the contribution of every single member of the Whitefield Academy Trust team and are committed to providing them with the same breadth of engaging and enjoyable learning opportunities that they deliver so brilliantly to our pupils.

All staff wherever they work within our Trust participate in our two-year rolling Continuous Professional Development programme designed to equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to carry out their roles and to progress their careers.  Beginning with a comprehensive induction, the programme gives all members of our team a thorough understanding of our ethos, values and approach as well as the practical tools and techniques needed for teaching and supporting our pupils.  The training is tailored for different teams depending on their role but, as an organisation that puts our pupils at the heart of everything we do, it is important that every single member of staff, including those working in the Admin, Finance, Site and Tech teams, receives training in safeguarding, behaviour and communicating with pupils with SEND.

Through a combination of compulsory and optional sessions run in-house and by external training providers, we aim to give our staff highly useful, interesting and, importantly, relevant training that will enable them to uphold the high standards we have set at Whitefield Academy Trust.  Our training is popular with staff who value our investment in their careers and our flexibility in responding to current needs and priorities.  For example, as a result of Covid-19, we now have a greater focus on training staff on issues such as pupil wellbeing and mental health.  This is a particularly important area for our schools and we continually seek to educate our teams so they can recognise the signs of trauma and other mental health issues and provide appropriate support as early as possible.

At Whitefield Academy Trust, training goes well beyond formal sessions and INSET days; we seek to support staff throughout their time here and, as such, every member of staff benefits from coaching and mentoring which enables them to progress at their own speed and work towards their own goals.